About Wildsumaco Lodge

This is the perfect destination for those hoping to really witness all of the diverse species of birds in the Amazon rainforest. This small corner of the world is home to over 1600 species of birds. The lodge is situated on a promontory ridge in the Wildsumaco Wildlife Sanctuary, giving guests an excellent place to see the many species right from your room.

Many of the animals at Cayambe Coca national park are endangered, but WildSumaco does their best to help conserve them and share that spirit and “green” energy with its guests. Named for the nearby Sumaco Volcano, this park has the potential to be restored to its pristine beauty. Through the lodge’s partnership with the Rio Pucuno Foundation and their international team, this hands-on approach to conservation has already made an impact, as they report having already seen some highly endangered species starting to make exciting recoveries.

Wildsumaco Features


Tourist Class

At WildSumaco, there are only suites for 1-2 people, and there are no special facilities or areas for children. Since the lodge is oriented primarily towards conservation, there aren't any areas that distract from the natural environment, like soccer fields, play areas, or swimming pools. However, there is a large deck that overlooks the Rio Pucuno Valley, which is ideal for relaxing with a drink as the birds fly by.

In an effort to maintain a pristine atmosphere, WildSumaco does not have internet at the lodge. Make sure to bring binoculars and a camera with a high capacity memory card, because you're guaranteed to get some amazing pictures of these vibrant birds.

Wildsumaco prices per person:

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Accommodation2-3 Nights4-6 Nights
DoubleUS$ 147US$ 140
SingleUS$ 160US$ 153

* Prices per person, per night
* Children under 2 years old free of charge, from 2 to 10 years old $67.20 per night.

Rates Include:

  • Meals
  • Full use of trails and facilities

Rates do not include:

  • Transportation Quito and back to Quito.
  • Guided visits
  • Bar bills
  • Tips for the staff
  • Personal jungle equipment
  • Rubber boots
  • National Park Fees


One way (1-4 passengers only):

Widlsumaco Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS)

WWS from/to Coca: $125
WWS from/to Tena: $100
WWS from/to Loreto junction: $ 30
WWS from/to Narupa: $ 50
WWS from/to Quito: $200