Albermarle Point, ISABELA ISLAND

Albermarle Point, ISABELA ISLAND - The Galapagos Islands

Albermarle Point is at Isabela's highest point on the northern part . The Point has 2 areas: a mangrove area best covered in a Dinghy ride due to its formed creeks & channels and a former radar base from the remains of a US World War II located near the beach. Albermarle Point is the nesting site for flightless cormorants sea birds and home to a colony of the largest marine iguanas in the Islands. One of the most pristine visitor sites within the Galapagos National Park, here you can see a pahoehoe lava flow.

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About Albermarle Point


  • Highlights & Animals: Dinghy ride in creeks, largest Marine Iguanas, Flightless Cormorant, lava lizards, lava herons, Madeiran storm petrels
  • Activities: Dinghy Ride, Hiking
  • Type of Landing: Dry Landing: Off a Dinghy ride in Bridge/rocks
  • Difficulty: Moderate