Moreno Point, ISABELA ISLAND - The Galapagos Islands

Here you can see beautiful rocky shores where penguins and shore birds, including great blue herons, are usually spotted. You can also enter a grove of mangroves, where oysters can be seen at the base of the trees. A trek traverses the sharpest lava rocks in the Islands where dry lava is interspersed with lagoons and small ponds containing abundant wildlife.

The Galapagos Islands


About Moreno Point


  • Activities: Snorkeling, panga ride & hike (1.2 mi / 2km)
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult
  • Type of Landing: Dry landing
  • Highlights & Animals: Variety of landscape, Pintail ducks, flamingos, penguins, great blue herons, green sea turtles, lava lizards, Madeiran storm petrels, marine iguanas, mockingbirds, gallinules, whitetip reef sharks.