León Dormido (Kicker Rock), SAN CRISTOBAL ISLAND

León Dormido (Kicker Rock), SAN CRISTOBAL ISLAND - The Galapagos Islands

This small, distinctive island comprises two rocks which jut out of the ocean and is home to a large colony of sea birds. Kicker Rock is an excellent dive site where you could see many reef fish as well as hammerhead and Galápagos sharks. Sightings of large rays and turtles are common but not guaranteed...

The Galapagos Islands


About Leon Dormido


  • Activities: Snorkeling & panga Ride
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Type of Landing: No landing
  • Highlights & Animals: Deep water snorkeling: Sharks, tropical fish, reef fish, turtles, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, spectacular rock formations, sea birds: Blue-footed Boobies, Nazca Boobies & frigatebirds.