Puerto Egas, SANTIAGO ISLAND - The Galapagos Islands

Puerto Egas, with its black sand beaches, was the site of small salt mining industry in the 1960s. A hike inland to the salt crater is an excellent opportunity to sight land birds such as finches, doves, and hawks. A walk down the rugged shoreline will turn up many marine species. Iguanas bask on the rocks and sea lions laze in the tide pools. At the end of the trail there is a series of grottoes or sea caves where fur seals and night herons are found...

The Galapagos Islands


About Puerto Egas


  • Activities: Snorkeling, hike (1.2 mi / 2km)
  • Difficulty: Easy /moderate
  • Type of Landing: Wet landing
  • Highlights & Animals: Salt crater; tide pools, Snorkeling. Fur sea lions, Galapagos Sea Lions, tidal pools and “grottos”, Galapagos Hawk, oyster catchers, marine iguanas, finches, doves, hawks, night herons, reef sharks, turtles, rays, nice underwater formations.